Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Photo Courtesy of Jude McBean

Photo Courtesy of Jude McBean


It could mean autumn turning to winter or day turning to night. For me, it means getting older and life getting a little harder. At times, I dread the change that will inevitably come. Other times, I look forward to change, depending on it to make necessary (often difficult) progress…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Whoooa, I love the sunset! I’m not getting much sunshine in Scotland at the moment so that makes my obsession with the fiery ball slightly worse. I can’t complain too much though. I just returned from Majorca on holiday – there was sun there. Last week, it was snowing in Aberdeen where I live. Fortunately, the sun still sets in the snow like in this picture of the North Pole.

Photo courtesy of http://www.stopgeek.com

The sun setting over the beach is absolutely stunning. The reds, oranges and yellows – glorious!

Photo courtesy of www.my.opera.com

Oh, this boat sailing on the sea in the sunset makes my heart skip a beat. Talk about the deep blue sea. How could I ever remain blue with such a phenomenal view?

At this point, I’d be glad just to see the sun. Oh there it is. Ahhh :-).

Photo courtesy of http://www.in.com

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