Storytelling in pictures- Calming Mallorca and the Invisible Man

I spent a vacation week in Mallorca (ma-yor-ca). 21 degree celsius, swimming pool 5 steps from my door, great Spanish cuisine, smiling Europeans… great time away for me! Here’s the story and you’ll be glad to know it means far less text from me. Enjoy!

An invisible man followed me as a reminder that thinking about work or studies was out of the question and to ensure that I tried to relax.

The waters were beautiful and calm so I said I would try…

Voices in my head took time to quiet down and fierce faces of skulls and men charged towards my fragile frame.

I could have sworn I was seeing things when the mud people moved but this kid obviously had similar suspicions as me…

Seeing my invisible chaperone watching over me must have been the trick that did it for me…

Now I’m relaxed and enjoying the tall heights of the watering cliffs and thinking of the possibilities in store for me.

Finally, I’m ready for home and a good meal- Aromas is the place to be.

Ciao! 🙂

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