Blogging dilemmas, and the onset of new passions

I understand that my blog content has changed over the past few months. I often wonder if I’m still the task mistress or just a mistress posting photographs – it hardly seems task worthy.


Part of it has been my laziness. I’ve had to carve out time to blog and the weekly photo challenges have been an easy way to blog without actually saying anything. For what it’s worth I’ve been doing well. I think my business addiction is being fed by my new job. Finishing my MBA last October got me some of the knowledge I craved. It is perhaps due to this that I have lost my initial branding for this blog. The blog was meant to record my journey from engineering to business. While I haven’t fully arrived at my dream career, I’m on my way – learning never ends.


I have found new passions along the way as well such as photography. I find it creative, surprisingly technical and intense thus feeding the geek, the gypsy and the gladiator in me.

I took these pictures yesterday on a strawberry picking adventure

I took these pictures yesterday on a strawberry picking adventure

Therefore, I’m faced with a choice about this blog. Do I continue with the original theme or do I let photography replace the content here?


I’ve decided to start a new blog for my photography. I want to continue to have discussion here although I fear that I’m having less and less to say. It’s probably more that I’m less inclined to say it as I’ve found other avenues to unburden myself. Time will tell I guess :-).



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