Weekly Photo Challenge: Doors of Summer

I love that we are getting very hot days in Scotland this week – up to 27 degrees celsius (roughly 80 deg Fahrenheit). You will notice that my door entry is full of colour as a result. I hope you are having a hot, glorious summer too! Enjoy!

Image from flickr users:

Mary – door 101, see license here

Tim van Kempen – door of colour, see license here

Tim Green – red door, see license here

Martin Konopacki – Door Kuldiga Latvia, see license here

Rodney Campbell – church door, see license here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

At the last minute, I decided to participate in the photo challenge this week. It’s a great one – motion. Here my entry:


I love the fire works on the cake presented at a birthday party this weekend. The kids were so excited that we had a couple of goes with the fireworks candles. The little boy turning 6 even got to make a wish.

Other great entries:
Crafty lady in combat boots – Motion

Lucid Gypsy – Motion

I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

POV – “Point of view”
I’ve been getting comfortable in my strides lately. I used to slip in and out of being myself and the nagging sense that everything has to be perfect…picture perfect. But NOTHING feels better than being myself. Totally great!

I’ll have more of that, please 🙂

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru
Model: Timi Ejiofoh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

National History Museum, London

National History Museum, London


A King's armour (Tower of London)

A King’s armour (Tower of London)


Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Photo courtesy of Julie Forbes.

Contrasts can be bold or they can be subtle. Julie captures both of these beautifully. All I did was stand there.


The contrast here reminds me of a 1950s photo. It takes a pro to do this in 2012 I would imagine. I know nothing about photography techniques but I couldn’t help showing off Julie’s work. Amazing.


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