Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Sorry this one’s late, folks. I’ve been looking for inspiration. I hope these do it for you :-)..

Where would we be without those that move in sync with us? (Photo courtesy of http://www.smashingapps.com)

This one forms a lump in my throat… love it…my heart will go on.

I started Choi Kwang Do about 9 months ago so this appeals to me (photo courtesy of http://vanimg.s3.amazonaws.com)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This was too easy…

There’s a lot to get through. When I think of “through”, I think doorways, doorways to dreams – in some cases, too many dreams. Sometimes, having many options is a bad thing.

Photo courtesy of http://culture24.org.uk

I think it’s not knowing what’s at the end of the tunnel or doorway or path that is the real issue. I tend to think the worst, that is, I will find myself falling off the edge of the universe into nothing…

Photo courtesy of http://moxywomen.com

But I’m learning that it’s better for my character to go through tough times, different stages in life. Character building, I believe it’s called. I have to say it does seem over-rated at times. Sometimes, at the end of the doorway lies a dead-end. Still, character is built from practically any experience, whether it’s a doorway of dreams or a not-so-happy ending.

Photo courtesy of http://kromephrog.com

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