My top 3 posts- May 2011 to August 2011

I’m now 67% through the year and the Postaweek2011 challenge. I have written over 70 posts (compared to 30 posts as at the end of April 2011) and received in excess of 6,500 hits this year alone. I do have concerns going forward about:

  • what to write about
  • how long I can really continue to blog
  • how to get better at pulling more traffic

Any tips welcome!

Note that I didn’t blog in June due to workload commitments. So with that in mind and with my concerns aside, I have narrowed down to 3 posts I think are my best ones in the second third of the year. It is based on number of comments and/or likes and personal favorites. They are:

Post 1: The luxury of being average

Post 2:  Arguably the right side of 30

Post 3: How do I cover my butt in this?

However, the post below received over 50% of all traffic to my blog since I posted it on 09 May:

Likely effects of Osama Bin Laden’s death on world economy (we hope)

The post wasn’t particularly well-researched and was based on my own thoughts at the time. But it seemed a lot of people were wondering what will change post-Bin Laden.

Here’s to the next 33% of the year. Cheers!

How do I cover my butt in this dress?

I bought a Charas one-shoulder dress a few weeks ago. From the picture on the website, I couldn’t tell how short it was – honestly, it looked like normal length with the model riding it up. See the picture below. 

My brother-in-law is getting married in Chicago next month and this looked like the perfect dress. It was a nice bright colour (I can get away with brights) and it was rather edgy too. But alas, the dress came in the post and I was dumb enough not to try it on for the next one and a half weeks. Well, finally I try it on and guess what? It turns out the model isn’t riding it up herself to keep things steamy. The dress is really short on one side! Goodness, she’s probably hiding her butt from the camera with that right hand. So here I am with a dress that is a little more edgy than I wanted. I left it too long to try on and missed the standard return/refund timeframe. I’ve bought a more modest dress now and tried to get rid of this one through my office sales bulletin board but they aren’t any takers. My penultimate option is you.

How can I carry off this dress in the event that I can’t get rid of it? Can I wear a pair of tights with it? Leggings? Jeans? Perhaps I can take it to a tailor to attach some material to the exposed “regions”. What do you think? Is it a lost cause? I say, ‘penultimate option’ because the option of eBay still remains. I do love this dress – but I don’t think I’ll get away with my butt hanging loose when I bend over to pick up my 2-year old for instance.

Can someone suggest how I can keep my butt covered in this?

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