Signs of madness


The morning breaks, still in darkness
No pings, no audience, just emptiness
Thoughts awaken a quiet buzz
I’m not as sane as I once was

Wonder what the radio man meant
When he said falling ice will soon melt
I can’t thaw this eerie possession
Car engines drown the obsession

Senseless rock music plays my mind for days
I’m all smiles, but my head is clearly in a haze
Alone, I laugh at my perverse fondness
Are these not the signs of madness?

Snowflakes signal a chilly Christmas
Perhaps the blessed will amass
The bitter-sweet gift of forgetfulness
While those conflicted thirst for sure signs of madness

poem & photo by kemi otaru

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Nostalgia n sentimental longing for the past (Collins English Dictionary)


My son is growing so fast. He has just finished Primary 3 and he’s looking forward to a fun-filled summer.

Nostalgia n sentimental longing for things to remain the same (The Task Mistress)

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru 2013

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