2011: Good habits as a state of mind

Past results

It’s almost 2011 and like every year since I was 13, I am thinking about what new resolutions I should endorse. I am not original in the slightest. My resolutions are usually made up of things I will start doing e.g. calling home more or swimming at least once a week or simply telling myself to take better care of myself (I know I shouldn’t need to tell myself that but there you have it). I never give much thought to how I’m going to achieve these things. Sure enough, I score less than 50% at the end of the year and end up feeling daft.

What to change

This year I want to form habits, good solid habits that I believe will make the next one-third of my life better than the preceding years. If I take little steps, I may indeed find it easier to be kinder to myself all round. I have read that a good  mental state, free from worry, can lengthen life expectancy. I’m talking about being happy with where I am, be it at home or at work. It’s about taking each day at a time and worrying less about the things I cannot change. So if I make a resolution like”Worry less”, it’s unlikely to help. I have to create habits that I will practice in bite sizes throughout 2011. I am inspired by The Simple Mom and a book I once read called, ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and it’s all small stuff)’ by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. I actually read this book twice.

Be of a sound mind, soul and body in 2011(photo courtesy of http://www.istockphoto.com)

What habits?

I will break down my resolution into key action habits. Just to reiterate, the resolution is to take better care of my mind, soul and body. I reckon that cultivating one habit will take four to eight weeks to master and there will be several habits that need mastering so there are lots to work on in 2011. These will include but are not limited to:

  1. Starting and ending the day with prayer (no matter how hectic!)
  2. Having breakfast everyday
  3. Nurturing my friendships
  4. Playing golf more often
  5. Finding another sport to be passionate about (snowboarding?)
  6. Reminding myself everyday that I have every reason to be happy (I do!)

And I will generally stay positive and encouraged within myself. I have found that life seems to be constructed to bring people down. There are always those that will discourage you and there will be situations that make me want to give up. In 2010, I achieved a lot at home, in my studies and at work. I will continue to push back at life to achieve more in 2011. Maybe I will even stumble onto that business idea. Who knows? I am turning deaf ears to the government cuts in the UK and the predictions of doom. Good habits for my mind, soul and body are here to stay.


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