Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Friendship like the one between mothers and sons.


To the boy I love…

on his 6th birthday:

My handsome boy's got attitude. Like!

I want you to know that you are so very special. You touch the heart of everyone you meet. You are confident, thoughtful and funny. You put others before yourself. Please continue to do this even when it is hard. Also treat yourself well.

I see parts of me in you. Like your desire to please others at the detriment of your happiness and even safety! I remember when you came home from school without your gloves one winter’s day. I asked about your gloves and you said you gave it to a boy who didn’t have a pair. “He was freezing, mummy!” you said with complete innocence in your eyes. I smiled at you although I really wanted to cry. 

Be proud of who you are but respect others who are not like you. You are a beautiful boy and I hope that life treats you fine – that people love you as much as you love them.

I love you and happy birthday, my dear.
Love always,
Mum xx

Spaghetti & Other Stories

It wasn’t the best week to have so I really looked forward to a nice dinner and a relaxing weekend. I got home to find that there was very little in the way of ideas to start dinner. Arrgh! It wasn’t ‘pizza night’ so I doubted that I would get away with that. Tuesday is pizza night. Anyway, off I went ramaging through my fridge and that’s when the sketelon of a very yummy meal began to form. It all started with (1) a bag of spaghetti.

Boiling spaghetti

Boiling spaghetti

I needed a whole bag because if my instincts where anything to go by, there was going to be plate- licking. I let the spag boil while  I continued my quest for the perfect ingredients. Then, in the fridge I found (2) yellow & green peppers (deserted from last weekend’s egg stew), (3) a ‘Nando marinate’ (HOT)….’Absolutely,’ I was thinking, ‘But I need a meat of some kind…’ Aha! There in the freezer was (4) Quorn Steak strips!


steak strips
My Quorn steak strips

Awesome! I could never figure what to use that for but it seemed like a good idea when I bought, especially with kids (and hubby) that LOVE meat. So, it was working well.  I put a touch of olive oil in a frying pan and stir-fried the steak strips as I poured in the Nando sauce. With the heat low, I chopped the peppers (5) and some onions into the steak strips. The spaghetti was then ready to be drained. I couldn’t believe that this meal was going to take me less than half an hour to knock together! And it looked divine.

I blended (6) some tomatoes and pepper to add to the spaghetti after I drained it and put it back on the heat. I added some salt, crayfish and garlic. And voila, I had a meal ready before my hubby was back from work!

What’s the big deal? Well, I had a rotten end to my week and when this happens, it gets me great confidence to make “something out of nothing” at home. When I feel like it’s not working out in whatever role I’m improvising during the week, it helps to be the greatest cook (daydream) or wife or mother.

I must say the meal WAS delicious and it helped put other dilemmas at bay for the evening. One victory for womanhood, I’d say.

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