Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half

My kids are 2 halves of the same coin. They know how to have fun and make even sachets of ketchup amusing.

And all this laughter after a long wait in an airport and visits to 2 very busy Nigerian cities. Not to mention almost 5 hours combined they had to wait in a car with the engine running while I tried to sort out the mess that was my banking. I love them more than anything.
Images by Yekemi Otaru aka The Task Mistress. Copyright All Rights Reserved

Today, I’m Thinking About Family

Chicago, Oct 2013

Chicago, Oct 2013

Photo Credit: Michael Otaru (Uncle Oye)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

I was starving so I had no problem devouring my mushroom fried rice with chicken curry and ribs.


But my daughter has a fever today and only managed to pick at her cheesy pasta with ham and sweetcorn dish.


I hope she’s feel better soon – I miss my mischievous princess!

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

My kids tried many new things in 2012. I’ve watched them evolve into people with remarkable personalities and a (sometimes worrying) tendency to try everything at least once.

Face-painting in Majorca

Practicing being cross-eyed (??)

Be as brave as a lion

It was hard letting her fall and get up again – but she made it!

I’m not sure what this is called but he stood in line for an hour to get on it – looks dangerous.

Listening to mummy’s music – she’s got quite a gift for remembering lyrics. (So I’m careful what I play!)

And the best thing of all, they are not afraid to be themselves. Magic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate


There’s a delicate line between her sweet smile and her obnoxious grin. She’s my second child and she gets away with so much. She’s one smart, sometimes delicate cookie!

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