Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Woman in the background, National Museum, London

Woman in the background, National Museum, London

I liked the mystery of the woman in the background

We were both attracted the grand sketch of a wild beast

I wondered if the picture was the same if I went around

Out of over 300 shots, friends didn’t deem this one of the best

But who knew what the daily post would suggest?

And that seemingly idle captions

Might end up being featured in my weekly post

From all my photo library of options?


Words & Photo credit: Yekemi Otaru

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I could go on and on about foreign: foreign cars as I consider buying a new car, foreign people as I’m foreign everywhere I go and always have been. But what’s exciting at the moment is Spanish. I’ve been learning Spanish since the start of the summer and I’m really loving it, getting a hang of it too.

I’ve got a little French under my belt and hopefully I develop the courage to keep learning. Mind you, I still struggle with English so there’s that too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: HaPpY

My children make me happy.
I support less privileged children in Africa. I have selfish reasons for that… it makes me happy.
And finally, I enjoy a good laugh. I love to express myself and I usually can’t hide my amusement – my face says it all.

From Left to right: Images courtesy of http://www.livelawofattraction.com, http://www.world-traveler.eu and http://www.paintingilove.com (painting by Mandi La).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I couldn’t resist. This sums up how I’ve been feeling for months now – so near but Not. Quite. There.

A far away dream (Photo by http://passionshotzz.deviantart.com)

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