Lunch time football- not for the faint-hearted

I almost had a heart attack! The culprit? Football.

No, I wasn’t watching the game. I was playing football during my lunch break. A few guys at work play every Thursday and they were kind enough to extend an invite to me. UnFortunately, I have been looking for a way to increase my heart rate that didn’t include extreme sports to keep fitter. So I said ‘Yes’.

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I ran around the pitch following what I hoped was the ball and kicked it (mostly missing and kicking air) in the direction that I prayed was the goal. My chest felt like it was going to explode. I must have blacked out but I vaguely remember reaching for my water bottle and thinking that this was the end of my life. Apparently, it was a 45-minute game but I can swear we were running like mice for days. The captain caught me looking at my wrist watch one time and shot me a dagger-look. I gave a final sigh of relief at the end of the game when the 9-4 score (we lost) was announced. I was later told that I scored a goal. I truly cannot remember that happening but who am I to refuse a pat on my very sore back? In any event, I have been particularly  happy since the game, thanks to the release of those desperately needed “happy” hormones that are now running free. It must be a rather high dose because I am thinking that I will play Thursday lunch time football again soon…..  After my breathless display of talent, surely, I should get another invite :). When I come to my senses, I’ll make a sensible  decision to stick with swimming and perhaps to the occasional treadmill…

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