Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

My kids tried many new things in 2012. I’ve watched them evolve into people with remarkable personalities and a (sometimes worrying) tendency to try everything at least once.

Face-painting in Majorca

Practicing being cross-eyed (??)

Be as brave as a lion

It was hard letting her fall and get up again – but she made it!

I’m not sure what this is called but he stood in line for an hour to get on it – looks dangerous.

Listening to mummy’s music – she’s got quite a gift for remembering lyrics. (So I’m careful what I play!)

And the best thing of all, they are not afraid to be themselves. Magic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

I could sit around looking for the perfect shot for this challenge – but it seems ridiculous to do that. There’s constant movement on my end. In fact, I always trying to get the kids to stop moving. Anyway, I had to join the movement to get a suitable pose. Much effort on my side, considerably less on theirs.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Friendship like the one between mothers and sons.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

I thought this will be hard – only to find a shocking number of unfocused photos on my iPhone.

I’m not sure what was going on there (she says with her hands up looking clueless).

I’m not even sure who was holding the camera in this one…probably the microwave is really a camera. Bizarre.

It’s my birthday and I’ll be happy if I want to

I woke up this morning feeling an unfamiliar sense of contentment and satisfaction. It was almost a confidence that everything is going to be okay after all, that my hard work will pay off, that my family will be fine and my friends will be there for me. It is the day of my 33rd birthday and I’m truly grateful for life.


It is particularly satisfying that I still get presents! Yay! My son presented me with an amazing rocket this morning before bath time. Don’t you just love it?


Looking now at the rocket on my windowsill, it truly depicts a part of my personality – the need to fly and outdo myself, sometimes moving this quickly and aiming too high. Rockets…why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve learned the value of solace (again!) in the past year. New ideas come to me that way – not necessarily in silence. For instance, music really inspires. At University, no one understood why I studied with music on. Music helps me sleep and puts me in a good mood in the morning. Music IS solace. It is for this reason that this present is spot on.


But my life is busy. I have to accept that solace will happen only occasionally. Anything to help things along is much appreciated. It would be great to have longer days of say, 30 hours, to cook faster, to need less sleep, and be a genius such that I don’t have to study so much. Therefore, this cookbook is amazing! I can make 100 different soups from ONE recipe! I think I’ve just been awarded a couple more hours to my days.


I want to thank everyone who sent me messages or called to wish me a happy birthday. You accentuated the great feeling I had this morning. It’s a feeling that will last a very long time. Thank you.

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