Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This was too easy…

There’s a lot to get through. When I think of “through”, I think doorways, doorways to dreams – in some cases, too many dreams. Sometimes, having many options is a bad thing.

Photo courtesy of http://culture24.org.uk

I think it’s not knowing what’s at the end of the tunnel or doorway or path that is the real issue. I tend to think the worst, that is, I will find myself falling off the edge of the universe into nothing…

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But I’m learning that it’s better for my character to go through tough times, different stages in life. Character building, I believe it’s called. I have to say it does seem over-rated at times. Sometimes, at the end of the doorway lies a dead-end. Still, character is built from practically any experience, whether it’s a doorway of dreams or a not-so-happy ending.

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Miss Tuck Shop- Strange dreams and the art in my living room

I had a strange dream the other day. I was walking past my old flat at University. Actually, I was skipping past, singing a song I can no more remember. I was very happy and excited about something- maybe a new boyfriend or perhaps the red sandals that were helping me skip along so swiftly. I say it was a strange dream for two reasons:

  1. I was hardly ever excited at Uni. Books were hard, life was complicated and anytime I spent being excited was time that I could use for studying.
  2. I was the girl in the dream but another me was watching.

It turned out that I was not skipping past my old flat. I didn’t live in that flat. It was a different me. This me was none-the-wiser to the pressures of being the best and leaving good impressions. In fact, the me that skipped past my old flat was the daughter of the woman who ran the tuck shop at the end of the road. Yes, I remember her.  She had no academic qualifications but she was always happy whenever I stopped by the shop.

Art in my living room (painted by D Agboola, 2007)

A painting in my living room remains me of her. Everyone who visits thinks it’s a painting of me. I take it as a compliment and then I smile and say, ‘No, it isn’t me.’ There’s something about her, isn’t there? She lures you in and keeps you there. I admire her stance. I love her trinkets and the confidence she exudes in her eyes. I often stare at the painting, trying to see me in her.  But like I said- she isn’t me. And pictures are static. It’s alright for her to always look confident. In the movement of life, confidence may fail. I aspire to confidence that is core who I am, what I represent and what I’m on earth for. I have a couple of ideas about what the grand plan might be and I’ve been thinking about these lately. Maybe that’s why I dreamt about Miss Tuck Shop. Perhaps any day now I’ll be skipping past my old failures, enthused about something new and exciting. There may even be a pair of lovely red sandals to look forward to!

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