15 minutes of fame

I have developed a deep gratitude for the gift of time. Aside from healing, time does many things for me. In fact, all I need is 15 minutes to make me feel accomplished, special, calm, and relaxed.

Sometimes, I sit with for daughter through an episode of Peppa Pig – it’s only 15 minutes long but it makes both my daughter and I very happy to sit side by side for that time.

As a working mum, part time student and wife, you can imagine that I get frustrated and anxious, especially when I’m tired and things are not going as planned. Over the years, I’ve learned that 15 minutes in the shower or in the silence of the kitchen calms me down and refocuses my energy to what really matters. Instead of turning on myself, I simply say, ‘Take deep breaths and don’t panic. You’ll be fine in 15 minutes.’ It works most of the time.

Now that I’m conscious of these 15 minutes, I find treasured moments everywhere: in a brief conversation with a friend, or a short drive to the supermarket listening to my favourite radio station. These are moments I cherish.

As I work on my dissertation, these moments will get more important and more relevant to my sanity. Indeed, challenges that seem insurmountable at the beginning of 15 minutes, could be eating out of the palm of my hand by the end.

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Starting the Months of Madness

I had a suggestion from one of my readers to record my business research journey here. Some of you may know that I’m doing a business course at university which requires me to carry out some research in the next few months. My research is on Change management during social media implementation programs. I’m focusing on how learning during the change can promote employee participation.

Yes, that was a mouth-full – even for me. I hope to record elements of my work on Months of Madness, a new blog I have created and dedicated to this research work. There’s only an About Me page on there now but I do plan to update on:
1. New and wonderful things I’m reading and learning
2. Things I’m reading that I do agree with
3. Stuff I don’t agree with based on some personal experience or perception.
4. Lack of progress – yes, there’ll be some venting but I’ll try to keep this to a minimum
5. Achievements of milestones e.g. Completion of literature review, interview and survey design completions, final submission etc.

I hope some of you will join me there. It may be a little heavy but I think it’ll be fun. After the research is done, the site will stay up, perhaps a student or two will find inspiration there or just a point of view.

I’m excited and worried at the same time. I’ve realised there will be no short cuts with this – I’ve checked. I have to find out things for myself and roll my sleeves up to do the dirty work. Wish me luck!

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