The universe, the darkness and the alter ego

When I’m tired and weary, strength comes from the oddest places. I have spoken in pictures more than words in recent months so it seems appropriate that I “show” you rather than tell you how I get up… Indeed, there are times when I’m knocked down. The trick is not to get knocked out.

1. I believe in God, the universe, in time, in space and that everything happens for a reason…. Somehow, this helps me get up because there’s hope.

2. The darkness and the tunnel do not go on forever. There were times when I think, “this is too hard… ” But I see light at the end of the tunnel. To see the light, I have to get up!

Photo taken by Derek Blank - see his work on

Photo taken by Derek Blank – see his work on

3. Ultimately, I have an alter ego that really kicks ass. Sometimes, she comes on the scene late but she does bring it when she comes. I’ve learned to be a tiny bit more patient with myself. Also, the solution we seek may not be the solution we get…but it’s still a solution and things work out.


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