Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog!

I’m a bit of a geek, often dipping into my science and engineering background. Here is “molecular geometry“. The amazing colours are a sweet sweet bonus.

Photo courtesy of http://www.fwallpapers.com

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I could go on and on about foreign: foreign cars as I consider buying a new car, foreign people as I’m foreign everywhere I go and always have been. But what’s exciting at the moment is Spanish. I’ve been learning Spanish since the start of the summer and I’m really loving it, getting a hang of it too.

I’ve got a little French under my belt and hopefully I develop the courage to keep learning. Mind you, I still struggle with English so there’s that too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Sorry this one’s late, folks. I’ve been looking for inspiration. I hope these do it for you :-)..

Where would we be without those that move in sync with us? (Photo courtesy of http://www.smashingapps.com)

This one forms a lump in my throat… love it…my heart will go on.

I started Choi Kwang Do about 9 months ago so this appeals to me (photo courtesy of http://vanimg.s3.amazonaws.com)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Friends of ours went strawberry picking in Montrose, near Aberdeen in Scotland. They gave us this amazing, juicy collection of strawberries from the picking. I think it’s a great representation of the growth of this gorgeously red fruit.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

My purple flower garden awaits the semi-permanence of this year’s elusive summer.


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