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Chicago, Oct 2013

Chicago, Oct 2013

Photo Credit: Michael Otaru (Uncle Oye)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Inspiring Chicago (Part 2)

We goofed around in shops and in the streets, having lots of fun on the way.

Goofing around

Well ahead of Halloween prep

…Take me to your leaderrrr…

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

...Dancing in the streets...

…Dancing in the streets…

Photo Credit: Alero

For those of you that haven’t ever been to Chicago, here’s an idea of the height of  many of the buildings over there…just epic! Especially for a village girl like me :-).

An idea of height

From the 96th Floor in the John Hancock Center - "The SIgnature Lounge"

From the 96th Floor in the John Hancock Center – “The SIgnature Lounge”

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

My neck just couldn't bend far back enough...Perhaps laying flat on the street to capture this would help. High!!

My neck just couldn’t bend far back enough…Perhaps lying flat on the street to capture this would help. High!!

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

And finally, there were some scenes I just loved for different reasons. Some were mysterious, others romantic with a little more of a story perhaps. Here’s my favourite.

Random favourite

...Lion in the city streets...

…Lion in the city streets…

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

One more post on Orlando, Florida and it’ll be wrap on my lovely holiday.

Thanks, everyone.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Inspiring Chicago (Part 1)

Hi Everyone!

I absolutely LOVED Chicago – OMG. It was amazing, epic. I felt so small among the giant buildings and city lights. I inspired me in a way I didn’t expect. I got this feeling that there is so much more out there in life. So I’m probably going to try to achieve a few more things before I die :-).

Chicago - something inspiring...

Chicago – something inspiring…

Photo Credit: Alero

Over 3 posts in the next few days, I’ll cover Chicago and Florida. You’ll see streets, lights, buildings, universal studios and one or two random shots. I did feel a little handicap with my 35mm and 50mm prime lens. For Chicago especially, I could have done with a wider angle lens – fish-eye even. Oh well, here we go…


metal bridge chicago

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

Children's Chicago Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru


...Faceless angel

…Faceless angel

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

...buildings we didn't lose in the fire..

…Buildings we didn’t lose in the fire..

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

More photos later, friends!  Enjoy :-).

HOLIDAY: Chicago, Florida, here I come

My last awaited holiday is finally here. I’m off to Chicago this week and I’m really excited! I’ve spent most of this weekend doing my hair, nails etc. It’s vital to look good on holiday, right?

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

We’ll probably do a couple of days of Disney (for the boys, adrenaline is not really my thing *control issues*) and shopping (yay!). I have my little list and I plan to stick to it …eek!

We’ve been to Chicago for a wedding once before but not as tourists so if anyone has any recommendations for sight seeing and shopping, please drop a comment – thanks! I would like to take shots of the architecture and perhaps try street photography if I can get complete strangers on the streets to let me take their photo (wish me luck)… Tips valuable here too.

Photo Credit: Timi Ejiofoh

The thought of taking my eyes of the ball and relaxing for a few days is relaxing in itself.

Expect a couple of great shots as I’ll be sure to put my best attempts here.

Chicago on my mind. And donuts.

Chicago skyline at sunrise

Chicago skyline at sunrise. Awesome!! (Image via Wikipedia)

I’m already in Chicago on my vacation/family wedding as you read this. But before I left, I put together this story I heard recently to share with you. It had some impact on me. Perhaps it may be of some meaning to you too:

A woman bought a bag of chocolate donuts while waiting for her train to leave the station. Looking around for a place to sit, she found a place next to a man reading a newspaper. He seemed to be in his 40s and was obviously engrossed in his paper. She set down her handbag and settled down to take one donut out of the bag on the table in front of her. Just as she took a bite, the man with the newspaper put his paper down and took one donut too! He didn’t even say, ‘excuse me’! She was so irritated. She continued chewing her donut and tried not to show her annoyance at the man’s rudeness.

But with every donut she took, he leaned over and took one until there was one left. How infuriating! Surely, now that there’s just one left, he will back off. Well, no. He leaned forward and picked up the last donut. He tore it in half, leaving a piece in the bag and eating the other. She was speechless. The nerve of this guy!!!

Soon after, the announcement for her train departure came and she put her things together and got on the train. She was thinking about how annoying the man had been and cursed herself for not telling him off there and then. A few minutes later, the train conductor came around to check the tickets. She opened her bag to retrieve her ticket. In her handbag, unopened and uneaten lay her bag of donuts.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many times I’ve been in a state about what I thought someone said or did when all along, THEY were accommodating ME. Hmm. Some food for thought.

I’ll be back before you know it! Ciao!! 🙂

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