Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

There’s something about structure and organization that soothes me. I like to know there’s a process, a way acknowledged by others about the way things are done. I like things to “arranged”.

Bowling is a sport (arguable but let’s not go there) that I play from time to time. The bowling pins are arranged automatically and the rules of the game are pretty clear. My kind of thing!

A couple of months ago, I started Choi Kwang Do with my 6-year old son. It’s fantastic to discover the strength of my body and mind. I’ve felt “weak” for years and the thought that I can defend myself and my children if needed really motivates me. It’s one sport that requires precision and structure. Posture is crucial as well as flow of movement. Love it!

What occupies me most days are my books unfortunately. I try to sneak in a fiction novel once in a while but with my dissertation looming, it’s pretty much out of the question. It’s business and management books for the next few months. There are some perks though like a neatly arranged bookshelf!

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