Novel Writing: NaNo, No NaNo

I clearly had no ideaParticipant-2014-Web-Banner what I was doing when I signed up to NaNoWriMo this year. For those of you that don’t know NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and runs from 1-30 November. The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel in one month.

In 2010 when I first participated, I wrote everyday. I remember it being really stressful but I had a novel on my head and I was stubborn. I got to 50,000 words by 28 Nov and that was that – I won!

This year I’m struggling. It’s my second attempt. I put it off each year since 2010 and now I’ve jumped in. The problem is I’m meant to be at 18,000+ words by today and I’m only at 8,000+. At this rate, I won’t reach 50,000 words till the first week of Jan 2015! It’s a mess – and totally unlike me. I don’t write everyday, which is a major cause of the lack of progress. When I do write, I feel like I’m writing pages and pages but when I look at the word count, it says I’ve done only 123 words. What??!

Anyway, I was hoping for some help. I have put to paragraphs here in the hopes that you will suggest how the story could go for a paragraph or two.

Excerpt  1:

“Why do you tolerate it, Mama? Why?” Gina felt her heart pounding and her hands shaking. She continued before her mother had a chance to respond, “He treats you so badly, Mama! I don’t understand…” Tears ran down Gina’s face. She had had enough. This was why she left home. “Gi, you will understand with time. Where we come from, women don’t just leave their husbands…” Her mother’s voice was gentle. “We women stay and fight.” She concluded. That was the day Gina swore never to marry anybody. She would rather die than live a life sentence.

Excerpt 2:

Bea and Beth sit in silence for a little while before Beth says, “if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t had sex in months!” Bea smiles and then starts to laugh. “Yeah it does make me feel better…” Bea reached for Beth’s shoulder squeezes it and says, “Thanks for being there for me. I have no one to talk to and with Gavin out of town…,” Bea cleared her throat, “I got a little overwhelmed with everything.”

“Any time, Bea…you know I’m here any time,” Beth says as an unpleasant memory flashes through her mind. She reaches for her cup and finally sips her lukewarm latte. Everything is almost OK in the world.

Can anyone help? What could happen next in either of the paragraphs? There may be prizes 😉

And the winners are…

I have not forgotten your labour of love! In the past month over 30 different people followed my novel-writing adventure, several where new to my blog – I am very grateful. Overall, 5 people were entered into the competition but one person was entered four times as she completely blew me away with scores of likes and comments. Without further adieu, the winners of the prizes are:

  1. Margaret Dempsey Reyes – 1 iTunes gift vouchers worth $15
  2. Dr. Fomsky – 1 Kohl gift certificate worth $10
  3. Margaret Dempsey Reyes – 1 Kohl gift certificate worth $10
  4. Loud Mind – 1 Amazon gift voucher worth $10
  5. Savvy Sister – 1 Amazon gift voucher worth $10

I will email all vouchers and certificate during the week. Enjoy! 😉

A look back at a year of blogging

I can’t believe I made it to the end of the first year. It’s been challenging. It’s been fulfilling. It’s been exhausting. It’s been amazing. I won’t bug you with what my stats are or how many comments I got this past year. Just know that it’s exceeded my expectations by far. To make the end of my first blogging year (06 Nov 2010 – 05 Nov 2011), I have identified some of my most significant posts. Enjoy!

1. Most Beautiful Post . . .  To the Boy I love

2. Most Controversial Post . . .  The Friendship Grid by Moi

3. Most Helpful Post . . .  Tips for the Confused Jobist

4. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me . . . Footwear, my toe and other people’s thoughts

5. A post that didn’t get the attention that I felt it deserved . . .  Make me, Break me

6. Cheekiest posts… (1) Save the brain-insects with your email etiquette & (2) The secret codes of restrooms

7. Posts I’m most proud of . . . (1) Arguably the right side of 30 & (2) The luxury of being average

I’m looking forward to the next year :-). Thank you all for reading.

PS. Remember to follow my progress on NaNoWriMo till 30th November and automatically be entered for a prize draw. Prizes are 2 Kohl gift certificates, 2 Amazon gift certificates and 1 iTunes gift card. See instructions here.

NaNoWriMo2011 – Day 1

Title of book: Let It Burn
Word count till date: 1,133

Felicia, Julia’s mum has a strange dream about Julia that leaves her uneasy and eager to get in touch with her.

Chapter one:
Chicago, two years earlier. Julia is on a business trip she has been looking forward to. She works for BestMe cosmetics who are planning to launch marketing campaigns for its new product range. One of its closest competitor, La Belle has recently lost significant market share due to a badly managed social media crisis. Julia is more than happy to cash on that as she still resents not being offered a job after her internship five years ago…

Remember, ‘like’ up to 10 of these daily novel updates to enter my blog contest. See details here. Good luck :-)!

Follow my writing adventure and enter WIN a prize!

I’m taking the writing plunge with the National Novel Writing Month this November. As part of my solicitation for motivation, I am running a blog contest! It’s really simple and I know you all can be winners so please read on.

Every day in November, I will write no more than a 100-word summary of that day’s novel writing. If I miss a day, I will write no more than a 200-word summary the day after. In total, there will be between 20 and 30 posts related to NaNoWriMo in November! All you need to do is:

Is this confusing? I hope not. If there are any questions, I’m more than happy to answer these in the comments.

*All comments should include a suggestion for a twist in the tale or just morale support :-).

The Prizes

1 prize of an iTunes gift card ($15 or £15)

2 prizes of a Kohl gift certificate ($10 each)

2 prizes of an Amazon gift certificates ($10 or £10 each)

Contest begins 01 November to 30th November. The winners will be announced on 04 December. And most of all, have fun ‘liking’ :-)!

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