Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

In Scotland, we have to contend with the forces of nature. The forces are schizophrenic at times, with the scrotching heat and snow falling within hours of each other. The difference is stark but we find a way to enjoy both forces: skiing, trips to the beach.

Changing My Point of View: A Picture Story

I’ve acknowledged that I’m guilty of what I accuse others of: thinking my point of view is the correct one or the only one even.

The snow started in earnest this week. It gave me an idea for a picture post.  I like what HSBC (bank) do with their marketing where they use pictures to show difference perspectives so you could say I “borrowed” their idea on this blog post.


My home at Montgarrie Steading

My home at Montgarrie Steading




My home at Montgarrie Steading

My home at Montgarrie Steading

Please excuse me as I figure out whether “snow” is beautiful or dangerous…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer from an Aberdeen beach

Back in Aberdeen ( Scotland), it’s 26C and the beach is amazing! There are crowds, from the right…


to the left…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Whoooa, I love the sunset! I’m not getting much sunshine in Scotland at the moment so that makes my obsession with the fiery ball slightly worse. I can’t complain too much though. I just returned from Majorca on holiday – there was sun there. Last week, it was snowing in Aberdeen where I live. Fortunately, the sun still sets in the snow like in this picture of the North Pole.

Photo courtesy of http://www.stopgeek.com

The sun setting over the beach is absolutely stunning. The reds, oranges and yellows – glorious!

Photo courtesy of www.my.opera.com

Oh, this boat sailing on the sea in the sunset makes my heart skip a beat. Talk about the deep blue sea. How could I ever remain blue with such a phenomenal view?

At this point, I’d be glad just to see the sun. Oh there it is. Ahhh :-).

Photo courtesy of http://www.in.com

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I immediately thought about houses for this week’s challenge. I love unique houses, preferably close to the beach. I live in the country with some small lakes and fields of sand which is probably as close as I’m going to get to living on a beach for now. But some folks have taken it a step further – like this guy who lives in a seashell. I suppose he hears the beach tides all. day. long. Blissful? May be.

Photo courtesy of crookedbrains.net

I’m mildly afraid of heights but I overcame this last year when I climbed a mountain. Although I love the beach, I’d be worried about living on water. This unusual house doesn’t seem to have any escape from the tides. Brave chap.

Photo courtesy of polyvore.com

I may need to curb my enthusiasm for beach life since I’m clearly not cut out for living on water or even in seashells. I’ll make do with country life and stick to doing the beach on sunny weekends.

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