HOLIDAY: Chicago, Florida, here I come

My last awaited holiday is finally here. I’m off to Chicago this week and I’m really excited! I’ve spent most of this weekend doing my hair, nails etc. It’s vital to look good on holiday, right?

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

We’ll probably do a couple of days of Disney (for the boys, adrenaline is not really my thing *control issues*) and shopping (yay!). I have my little list and I plan to stick to it …eek!

We’ve been to Chicago for a wedding once before but not as tourists so if anyone has any recommendations for sight seeing and shopping, please drop a comment – thanks! I would like to take shots of the architecture and perhaps try street photography if I can get complete strangers on the streets to let me take their photo (wish me luck)… Tips valuable here too.

Photo Credit: Timi Ejiofoh

The thought of taking my eyes of the ball and relaxing for a few days is relaxing in itself.

Expect a couple of great shots as I’ll be sure to put my best attempts here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I immediately thought about houses for this week’s challenge. I love unique houses, preferably close to the beach. I live in the country with some small lakes and fields of sand which is probably as close as I’m going to get to living on a beach for now. But some folks have taken it a step further – like this guy who lives in a seashell. I suppose he hears the beach tides all. day. long. Blissful? May be.

Photo courtesy of

I’m mildly afraid of heights but I overcame this last year when I climbed a mountain. Although I love the beach, I’d be worried about living on water. This unusual house doesn’t seem to have any escape from the tides. Brave chap.

Photo courtesy of

I may need to curb my enthusiasm for beach life since I’m clearly not cut out for living on water or even in seashells. I’ll make do with country life and stick to doing the beach on sunny weekends.

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