This is not a blog post

I’ve struggled with blogging lately. I’m happy and doing fine but my brain is preoccupied on other things now; I just can’t hear my writing-self. I’m not worried. This happens from time to time. When I’m still and reflective, there’s a voice in my head dictating every word and I cannot help but stop and […]

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How to take a career break

career break

(previously published on LinkedIn on 13 August 2015) Career breaks can be deliberate or the unplanned result of being made redundant. When I quit my senior marketing job this May, I hadn’t anticipated what I would gain from simply stopping. It has been over 3 months of self-reflection and rejuvenation. Seven lessons are helping me […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a good day

Chilling at the Barbeque last Saturday

This week’s photo challenge is an opportunity to talk about my great week. I’m busy again after 13 weeks of doing “nothing”. It’s good to be back, at least in part. I can even say it’s refreshing. I spent the weekend before the busyness started with friends at a barbeque. Here’s my mesh gallery. Check out my […]

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Things To Do This Summer: Go Home

Image from flickr user: Peru for Less

I haven’t been home to Nigeria in nearly 6 years. It’s a long time to stay away but I’m glad I got a chance to go home this summer. I spent a majority of the time with my parents. My children spent lots of quality time with their cousins, uncles, aunties and grandparents. Going home […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half


My kids are 2 halves of the same coin. They know how to have fun and make even sachets of ketchup amusing. And all this laughter after a long wait in an airport and visits to 2 very busy Nigerian cities. Not to mention almost 5 hours combined they had to wait in a car […]

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