NaNoWriMo2011 – Day 16

Title of book: Let It Burn
Word count till date: 26,743

Joyce has to defend Paulie to the partners at her law firm. And she formulates a Plan B to cater for the worst. She goes to an appointment that could change everything.

Paulie secretly meets a potential witness. And Julia continues to send him mixed messages online.

Felicia confesses to what really happened the day the house burned down over 25 years ago.

Crossing the Halfway mark: NaNoWriMo2011 Day 14 & Day 15

Title of novel: Let It Burn

Word count till date: 25,093

Julia discovers Joyce and Paulie are together and her friendship with Joyce seems to be over. Julia finally confides in her sister, Sandra. Work at La Belle proves a little difficult so Julia seeks help from Bruno who agrees to help and subsequently resigns from BestMe.

Frank gives Julia an ultimatum to either marry him or end their relationship. Julia turns down his proposal.

Felicia awaits the results of a mammogram and she fears the worst.

After holding back for many months, Julia decides to begin an online conversation with Paulie (via Yahoo Messenger) without Joyce’s knowledge.



I wrote my butt off to cross the halfway mark. Much of it probably doesn’t make sense but I’m proud I’ve got over 25,000 words down. Funny how this book seems to be writing itself!


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NaNoWriMo2011 – Day 11 to Day 13

Title of novel: Let It Burn

Word count till date: 20,258

Julia has a recurring dream about how her father died. She manages to avoid Bruno as she gets ready to leave for La Belle. Martha tells her why Samuel may have landed the VP role instead of Julia.

Joyce takes on Paulie’s case and Julia finds out something that tears her heart to pieces.



Remember, ‘like’ up to 10 of these daily novel updates to enter my blog contest. See details here. Good luck !

How I’m really doing with novel-writing mania.

Today, I thought I should grumble a little.


As I write this novel, I am really excited and I have a strong sense of ‘Oh-my-God-I-may-actually-finish-this!’ But at the same time, I’m highly critical of my work. I’m not a great fan of my main character at the moment. It worries me because there’s a fair bit of me in her so I should like her, right? There may a psychological explanation for that one. Also, I think I’m not funny enough in my writing. I’m naturally quite witty person in real life but I find that I’m taking a rather serious voice in the book. It’s not bad but I’m not sure if it’s good either.  Then, there’s my characters. I think I have too many, to be honest. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m at a loss for how to keep up with them. There’s the occasional dilemma of whether I should name the door man or the receptionist when they will probably never appear again. I ask myself it’s important to know Frank’s home address. And I wonder whether it’s okay that I’ve made up half a dozen places in London!


Oh well. The pep talk on NaNo this week was at about ignoring the irrelevancies such as the characters’ goings and comings, and whether they opened the door and left or whether they showered before going to work. It’s funny because I was just wondering about that yesterday. The advice of Jonathan Letham on this week’s pep talk was to let your characters ‘leave without leaving’ if you get the drift.


Alas I’ll press on this weekend. I’m roughly 30% complete when I should really be 34% or so done but I won’t let that depress me. I tried to do something spontaneous with my main character last week by having her steal something, have a one night stand, get arrested or something like that. But I think I’m somehow protecting her… but I brought myself to allow her get drunk :-). In a strange way, It’s like having her misbehave will reflect badly on me even though the story is fabricated (of course). I’ll try to push through that this weekend. It may put me in sour mood as my dear girl wonders off into some rubbish act but I think it’s worth it.


Thanks for reading!

NaNoWriMo – Day 10 (and poll to choose character names!)


Title of novel: Let it burn

Word count: 15,232

Julia leaves her send-off party and is followed by Bruno. He kisses her unexpectedly, giving Julia a lot to think about.

*So, I’m rubbish at character names. My main characters are:

Julia Laurent– main character

Felicia Laurent– Julia’s mum

Sandra– Julia’s sister (she is married so should really have another surname that is not ‘Laurent’)

Martha Loh (Korean)- Is Loh a Korean name? I dunno know! But she is a staff at BestMe, working for Julia.

Samuel Hopkins– Julia’s colleague. She hates him – got the VP Europe role instead of Julia.

Frank– Julia’s boyfriend. Doesn’t have a surname yet.

Paulie Monde– Julia’s old flame (Monde is a Nigerian name so I’ll leave it there).

Joyce Jegede– Julia’s best friend (Again Jegede is a Nigerian name…)

Bruno– Julia’s colleague. He was supposed to be a minor character but he has gone and kissed Julia now so not sure what to make of him. He appears to want a ‘starring role’ so watch this space. No surname yet so have to fix that!

Buky– Julia’s nemesis at La Belle who got the job Julia wanted. No surname again.

Denise Holland– Boss at La Belle. Good-looking lady. I always think of Dutch women when I think of Caucasian beauties hence the ‘Holland’ :-).

Gregory Jones, Yasmine O’Sullivan, Robert Nelson– Bosses at BestMe. Not sure how important they are yet but the names came easily to me.

Marc– Paulie’s boss at Skyline Financials…. No surname.

So. I need some help. Please select 3 options in the poll below, then in the comments match them to each of the following characters:

  1. Frank
  2. Bruno
  3. Sandra

I have to like all the options so one person will win. There is no real prize but if I get published, I promise to put you in the credits :-)! It ends next Wednesday. Let’s have fun!

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