This is not a blog post

I’ve struggled with blogging lately. I’m happy and doing fine but my brain is preoccupied on other things now; I just can’t hear my writing-self. I’m not worried.

This happens from time to time. When I’m still and reflective, there’s a voice in my head dictating every word and I cannot help but stop and write. I’ve been known to park on the side of the highway to write. I even walked out of a crowded concert to write. I’ve written on the table, on a napkin, behind of a business card – I just needed to put it down. Yes, I could carry a notebook around but sometimes the words are gone when I try to “formalise” its capture.

These days, I’m thinking about ideas. My thoughts are in pictures and concepts. Not words or feelings. Like I said I’m not worried – not this time. I’m at peace because the words always find me. And when it does, I don’t always notice until the end.

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