Blogging Review: Why I’m Rubbish At Small Talk

For me, blogging restarted in March this year. I wasn’t expecting to do so little blogging in 2013 and I did even less in 2014. What triggered a restart?

It wasn’t just the quantity of writing that worried me. The depth of it was unlike me…there was a lot of small talk with very little to go on in terms of how I was feeling about life in 2013 and 2014.

Then fast forward to March 2015. Blogging has become deliberate. I owned the fact that writing helps me verbalise my thoughts such that I can move on quickly.

I got great encouragement early on such as the pleasant surprise success of “I lost my mojo. Then I found it on a plane.” I tried out a different writing style with that blog, more present in the story. It seemed to work.

I occasionally take part in the weekly photo challenges. I have to confess that those take very little effort compared to my musing but I’m always surprised by how many people read/engage with those. WordPress promote those well and I get the most likes with weekly photo challenges.

A small portion of people engage with deeper thought provoking posts such as my recent one, “My Early Midlife Crisis: Bear, Manoeuvre or Heal“. I expected more attention for that post for sure.

The first half of 2015 has seen me blog more and blog honest. I have had to pause to wonder if I should please the majority of folks with more weekly photo challenges and small talk or whether to say what I want when I want regardless of who might engage.

I will need to keep blogging for me and I hope that’s ok. 

But I wonder: 

What makes you read and engage with a post on a blog?


  1. I thought it might be the content or the style of the post, or whether I know the writer. But, frankly, I think that the main determinant of whether I comment on a post or not is whether I am reading it at my desk or on my phone – the log in process, entering whatever crazy words or numbers to prove you are human, etc… are too tricky on a phone, and I just give up. But… I think the key is in your own sentence: unless you are planning to monetise your blog, you need to keep blogging for yourself.

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  2. I blog to share my life experiences, express my views, and voice my rants. Also, I blog to open my space up to read about experiences, views and rants of other bloggers.

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  3. Blogs I like are usually shorter… have photos… and of things that interest me…I love the every day thoughts of others…”musings” as you call it!

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