Day two: Do Photo Essays suck?

What are your views on photo essays as a blog strategy? Sometimes I think photographs are powerful if they just tell a story you don’t need to tell yourself? At the same time, my medical diagnosis is a Writing itch or twitch even. I feel like if I just post photos here, I’m just avoiding saying what I really think.

What do you guys think?


  1. I think that photo essays make sense if they are meant to capture the essence of something – e.g., the highlights of your week or a (literal or figurative) journey. There are even people that publish one blog post per week that is based on photos (e.g., Silent Sunday).

    In my view, for photo essays to work a) the pictures need to be special, and b) the message is told better via images than words. Otherwise, in my view, it looks like the ‘easy way out’.


    • Yes i totally get that. For me it would be true. As i’m quite into my photography these days, i like the idea of a day a week dedicated to publishing photographs. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Ana! Hope you’re well x


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