PHOTOGRAPHY: Inspiring Chicago (Part 1)

Hi Everyone!

I absolutely LOVED Chicago – OMG. It was amazing, epic. I felt so small among the giant buildings and city lights. I inspired me in a way I didn’t expect. I got this feeling that there is so much more out there in life. So I’m probably going to try to achieve a few more things before I die :-).

Chicago - something inspiring...

Chicago – something inspiring…

Photo Credit: Alero

Over 3 posts in the next few days, I’ll cover Chicago and Florida. You’ll see streets, lights, buildings, universal studios and one or two random shots. I did feel a little handicap with my 35mm and 50mm prime lens. For Chicago especially, I could have done with a wider angle lens – fish-eye even. Oh well, here we go…


metal bridge chicago

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

Children's Chicago Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru


...Faceless angel

…Faceless angel

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

...buildings we didn't lose in the fire..

…Buildings we didn’t lose in the fire..

Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru

More photos later, friends!  Enjoy :-).


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