Of Kisses and Horses (Part 1)


There are nagging issues to lay down before I move on with my life.

I picked up a habit recently when texting people. You may have picked it up too or be involved with someone who has. The habit is placing an X after your text message. I was under the assumption that Xs mean kisses but the over use of it is beginning to bother me. To make matters worse, the absence of an X appears to bother me also. Help me out here.

Let’s say you get a text message that says: “You still meeting us at Rex bar? X”

Then you reply, “Yes, on my way. X”

Then they reply, “Please pick up some chewing gum on your way. XX”

To me, this is madness. Why all the kissing?? In real life, you wouldn’t kiss after every.single.sentence. Actually, maybe they do in some countries but this X thing is getting out of hand. I started putting these Xs mostly out of guilt. If I don’t respond with an X, it might mean I’m not enthusiastic. I don’t know what the

social manual

says about these things so I’m just guessing.

Let’s say a new acquaintance sends a text saying, “Was great meeting you at Julie’s. Wanna come over for a coffee tomorrow? xx”

You know you can’t make coffee tomorrow so you write, “Was lovely meeting you too. Tomorrow’s tight for me – what about after the holidays?”

The recipient might be like, “WHAT?? No kisses?? She is definitely blowing me off!” So I would feel pressured to write, “Was lovely meeting you too. Tomorrow’s tight for me – what about after the holidays? xxx”

That extra X may send the right message…that I’m into her and that it’s a shame I’m busy tomorrow.

Is this a parameter to measure a friendship by? If I write only one X is this sending the wrong message??

The whole thing is bizarre, I tell you. B.I.Z.A.R.R.E.

I’ll tell you about horses in my next post!

Photo credit: www.weheartit.com


  1. That’s a new one for me…but, then I don’t text all of the time…I’ll have to ask my Granddaughter that one…but just in case…XXX


  2. Haha, too true. x


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