Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I could go on and on about foreign: foreign cars as I consider buying a new car, foreign people as I’m foreign everywhere I go and always have been. But what’s exciting at the moment is Spanish. I’ve been learning Spanish since the start of the summer and I’m really loving it, getting a hang of it too.

I’ve got a little French under my belt and hopefully I develop the courage to keep learning. Mind you, I still struggle with English so there’s that too!


  1. I enjoy coming to see what you post for this weeks photo challenge: Foreign


  2. Buen suerte! I had sufficient Spanish to go around South America for a few months last year but I haven’t used it enough recently and I’m not fluent anymore – more’s the pity! I really wish I could decamp and go somewhere completely foreign, to immerse myself in a new and different country…to learn a new language, etc! Good luck with your classes.


  3. Perfect! Have always wanted to learn Spanish. Almost joined classes before our trip to South America last year, but it didn’t work out somehow. Someday soon 🙂


  4. I’ll never understand how young children can speak two or three languages, and somehow keep them straight and separate in their brains. Good luck with Spanish, Kemi. It’s a beautiful language, and fun to speak.



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  2. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign (thetaskmistress.me) […]


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