3 ways to know someone

I have maintained that I’m open to making new friends. So many people my age are not – they’re simply “not interviewing”. I understand the hesitation to let a stranger in. After all, can you ever really know someone you haven’t known all their life? Can they truly know you? The latter is perhaps more important, more daunting for many – even me. If they really knew what I’m like would they still like me?

Fortunately, there are three simple ways to truly know someone. Mind you, this is to a reasonable extent – not completely. And you need to pick up all the clues about their character. Be on the look out for the slightest indication of foul play. Here are the faithful three:

1. When they just wake up in the morning. Are they grumpy? Are they just as they would be in the middle of the day? Some people are not morning folks – I don’t mean that. Does she look completely different (e.g. No-make-up horrors)? Or does he seem ‘out of character’ e.g. Not quite as nice as the night before?

2. When they are angry. Is the anger so fierce you feel unsafe? Is the anger unpredictable and does it involve significant foul language, abuse and the likes? I don’t care how nice you are when you are NOT angry – if your anger is lethal, stay away from me.

3. When they borrow money from you. Do they disappear or act like you’ve fallen out? Do they return the money at the agreed time without making you ask? Do they make you feel awkward for asking? I find the nicest people become less trustworthy when there’s money involved. It’s sad really. One should be faithful with everything and everyone. If I lend you money and you don’t pay back, without any explanation – we’re still friends but now I know not to go into business with you.

Are there any other ways you can really know someone you just befriended?

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