Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE

I’m trying to create meaning out of the several interviews I’ve done for my MBA research. It’s on my study room wall just now – trying to group similar themes and see trends. If that doesn’t challenge my creativity, I don’t know what will…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

My daughter is 3 and she’s handy with a camera. More often than not, her snapshots are a little too close


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Friendship like the one between mothers and sons.


Some excuses for being a bore

I realise that many folks showing up on this blog probably think I’m boring. This is fair comment as I’ve done little more than participate in the weekly photo challenges over the past month or so. The thing is: I’m SWAMPED.

For the first time in my life, I have admitted that I’ve set too many wheels in motion all that once. It wasn’t on purpose, I swear to you. My dissertation was inevitable, work challenges are to some degree inevitable and life is (I hope) inevitable. I’m not able to delve into the details but the personal journey I’m on is exciting and exasperating. It could make my heart stop and race at the same time.

My dissertation is very interesting as I go deeper. It has allowed me to find a new love – research. I never thought I had the patience but alas, not knowing what I’ll uncover energises me.

So things are happening but obviously not on my blog. Please be patient with me as I go through these times. I promise to tell you all about it when the time is right.

Much love,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today, I was with a friend. I had been having a stressful few days and it was great to just talk…and even laugh about it. Today, I honour friends everywhere that stick together. You are totally fabulous!

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