Fun holiday moments: In Pictures

I’m on holiday in Majorca and it’s excellent! We are at Cala Pi Club in the South. They really go out of their way for entertainment – both for kids and adults. Here are few shots that made me smile.

The Gladiators.


Scary Ghostly Villain.


Pink Tiger Stayed In Character.


He Loves The Sailor’s Life.


Two Kids, One Husband – Magic!


Living The Good Life…


What did you get up to this Easter?


  1. Such cuties! This is one of those “life is good” moments, eh?


  2. Beautiful pictures. Absolutely love the one of hubby and kids on the beach in the sunset. Such moments are so few and far between in our busy lives. xx


  3. osa olayemi says:

    Lovely holiday. quitee refreshing I guess.


  4. Incredible to find the Word Kemi on Your blog! Yes, indeed.

    Look at these my three posts and then You understand it clearly, that in Finland there is a small town called Kemi. It has beautiful pink church, in Kemi there every winter world’s biggest snow castle.

    Pink church of Kemi

    Walk with me in Kemi

    World’s biggest Snow Castle in Kemi

    Happy blogging and happy week-day!


  5. Looks like you had a great time. Hope it doesn’t feel so long ago now.


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