Inspiration: Home office decor

I’ve been browsing for decor ideas for my new home office. Kay’s blog has been an inspiration in art and design so I thought I’d share some of the decor ideas I found on DigsDigs. My study is medium-sized, not as big as these 2 below – but I’ll see what I can get away with. Enjoy!

I like this one below because it maximises a small space. What do you think?

Now this is lovely …but ambitious. It’ll be impossible to keep it this shiny and white!


  1. The wall unit definitely maximizes space. Is your room too small to face a desk toward a window? I used to face the window, which I loved, until I moved in another desk for my son. I’m used to it now, but I do miss my “staring out the window” sessions.

    Will that wall unit give you enough space to spread out? When I’ve got more than one project happening at a time, I like to have manuscripts, etc., stacked on my desk so I can keep them in front of me and organized. Just some things to think about.

    Good luck.


    • Ah, great point about the window view… It’ll take some doing as the current set up means that I back the window. Definitely something to think about. Thanks, Margaret!


  2. I like the one that maximizes. Everything’s in one place, right in front of you. I’d like a smaller version of that myself.


    • I’m actually trying to find out what other sizes it comes in. It’s just fantastic, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by, Totsymae (I hope that’s your name??)!


  3. Ariel Price says:

    I love all the natural wood looks. For me, that would be peaceful. I especially like the giant cabinet and bookshelf… I usually find inspiration looking at other books and from just being in that atmosphere.


    • Yeah, I’m loving the natural wood too. It’s interesting what you say about atmosphere – I’m beginning to understand that I’m inspired by often unrelated musing… Thanks for stopping by, Ariel! 🙂


  4. For me, giving that I easily get distracted, I’ll go for large bookshelf for the gazillion books and a large table (with comfy swivel chair) parallel to the bookshelf on the other side of the room. If there’s extra space, an extra comfy lazy boy chair with a standing lamp by it for light reading. xx


  5. I truly think you can get away with both top designs. It’s all about figuring out which design elements are more important. For instance, if you love the desk but will probably need a smaller chair.. then you can accomplish the same type of look. I LOVE the space in each photo.. but you can create space in yours. I think you can pull both of these looks off easy. I can’t wait to see what you do, Keep searching for ideas though.. you might find more design elements that you like to include :). And DIY projects for offices are always cheap and fun (like spray painting cheap toys figurines, in a silver or gold color, to get those fancy deco figurines you see on tables).


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