We laugh at the oddest things

For some strange reason, things that used to be regarded as rude and annoying are now funny and entertaining. I want to address 5 of those things that seem to have the majority of the population laughing like they’ve inhaled laughing gas. But, I’m not amused.

Badly behaved children. I cannot count the number of times I see a child behaving badly e.g. being rude to an adult and the nearest “grown-ups” stand by laughing. Why is this funny? I see this most often on sitcoms where a nine-year old tells her dad that he’s stupid (!). Please don’t laugh – shake your head in disapproval!

People falling down. Someone is walking down the street and suddenly slips and falls. If your first instinct is to laugh, then you’re not going to be fond of me. I understand your laughter to mean that YOU tripped them? Or have I misunderstood your hysterical giggles? What happened to showing empathy and helping them up? Or are that generation of people long dead?

Being rude or sarcastic. A whole industry seems to be built on people being extreme rude and insulting to others e.g. Hell’s Kitchen. Numerous “entertainers” make fun of others just for laughs. It has become lucrative to bring people down purely for entertainment! When did this become ok? And WHY is everybody laughing??

Swearing like it is a natural part of your sentence. People do this in regular conversation now. It used to be when you’re angry or frustrated you did the unthinkable and swore. Nowadays, it is a must-have adjective. Why? I’m having a nice cup of tea with friends, talking about the weather and boom! Someone decides to describe the onset of snow or rain with colourful language. The sad thing is some people think swearing reflects a don’t-mess-with-me attitude that can be attractive. I just see folks like that as trying too hard to be cool. Sorry.

Being drunk beyond recognition. It is really annoying when people drink till they lose control. What’s even more annoying is the glee with which they discuss their escapades, in public – no sign of remorse – just shear achievement. Somehow, it is fine to be irresponsible as long as your excuse is that you were drunk. I don’t get it. Are there large populations of people just looking for an excuse to misbehave? Tell me it isn’t so.

Am I the only one who finds this stuff obnoxious and very un-funny? What socially accepted norms do you hate?


  1. OMG! I thought I was the only one! When everyone sits cackling away, I frown seriously! Numbers 1 and 5 are just the worst! You see videos upon videos on Youtube of such incidents, and all the comments are people from people who find them absolutely hilarious! SMH.


  2. A very well thought out list here, I agree with you completely on most of this, the VAST majority of the time it just isn’t funny.

    That said I do have to say on #4 People Falling Down, I may be found to chuckle. Depending on the style involved in their downward journey. However that chuckle is an accompaniment to my heading over to see if they are OK or need any help (like collecting the cans of soup rolling around from their bag).

    This one comes back to slapstick and the good old banana peel gag, so it is hardly new being a film staple back to the silent era at least.


  3. OK I am totally guilty of #4…with my won daughter. We were walking into Target and she slipped…not bad, but her skirt flew in an un-natural way over her head and I couldn’t help myself. I broke out into laughter as I was saying..”Oh Are you OK?” and then she started laughing, and then all the people around us started to chuckle.
    She always reminds me of the time “You laughed when I fell down in public”

    She is now getting me back by having a twitter account tweeting “#sh*t my mom says” (I say some pretty dumb stuff apparently) …and she is guilty of #2.


  4. Ariel Price says:

    So true!! Especially #1. I don’t have kids yet, so maybe I can’t talk, but I am always embarrassed for parents when I see their kids misbehaving and they encourage it. So messed up. There is something to be said for those who really try hard to live with integrity and class!


    • Hi Ariel,
      There may a bunch of other social factors that have caused many parents to go “limp” on discipline. Most people would agree that it hasn’t paid off…


  5. Agree with every word, Kemi, and you’d be surprised how many people agree with you. Most of this, if not all, is driven by the drivel that now passes for popular entertainment on the Box. One of the most irritating social norms that currently winds me up is EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SAID LOUDLY THESE DAYS…LIKE WE ALL GOT TO HEAR HOW COOL I AM WITH MY REALLY INTERESTING (SAD) LIFE. AND IF I’VE GOT A GOOD LINE YOU’RE GONNA GET IT LOUDER…….not funny.


  6. Dr_fomsky says:

    I know what you mean. I really dont get why some people laugh at stuff like his. Take Americas funniest home videos for instance. I cant stand it. Youre filming something and someone gets hurt. The normal inclinations to drop the camera and help out but no, these people keep filming just so they can send in a home video?


  7. I agree with you especially with number 1. Over the holidays last year, a few coworkers decided it would be a great idea to bring alcohol to work. One of them got so drunk he stole his bosses cell phone & acted inappropriatly with a female employee. Everyone thought it was funny at first but when he was fired the following week it wasn’t so funny.


  8. 5, 2, and 1 drive me crazy. I hate it.
    I have to admit that 3 is kind of… I don’t know. *sighs* I laugh at these things. I don’t know why. I just find it so hilarious.


  9. Oh Kemi.. lets talk about badly behaved children. I have no idea why some people think it’s funny or cute because I certainly don’t. I wonder what happened to the days when your parents looked at you, and you immediately stopped what you were doing because you knew they were not playing with you. Those days seem to be gone. But I do smile when I see a parent like that.. but they’re rare


  10. It so tickles me to see people fall down. I’ll even laugh when I fall. I can’t seem to help it. LoL!!


  11. you laugh at the funny thing is its own fall



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