Runaway Christmas

Last winter was the first winter where I felt like I wanted to move out of colder climates to warmer, sunnier pastures. There was too much snow and I was constantly getting stuck miles away from my house, with my kids onboard.

But at least there was snow last Christmas. I never thought I’d say this but I missed snow this year. The white hills, the children sledding, snowman building and frosty mornings were all sorely missing this year. It was 12 degrees Celsius (54 Fahrenheit) on Christmas morning – more than a few degrees above zero.


I did not feel very Christmassy this year. I moved house a week to Christmas and had a lot on my mind in the weeks leading to the move. Presents were bought mainly online and I was disorganised as far as sending cards out to friends and family. But it was not all haphazard. The move went more smoothly than I expected (actually, the lack of snow helped). I spent much of my unpacking time reflecting on the year that had gone by. Some things went well while other things could have been better. Ending the year with a house move is a blessing. We love our new house and feel privilege to have custody of it.

The view outside my kitchen window on Christmas day was not one of a white blanket. I could see the grass and the hills. The trees in a distance swayed slightly as light winds passed through as if to greet us into a new era of our lives. Though christmas seems to have run away this year, the things I need to be grateful for have never been more apparent.

What was Christmas day like where you are?


  1. THAT’S the view out your kitchen window???Wow!


  2. I’m currently in Iowa and my dear, it was the warmest, greenest Christmas ever!! (When I say warm, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t cold. It was. It’s just that the temperature was not below zero!)


  3. Now that’s a view I could live with.

    Christmas Day was cold here, but no snow. And that was fine with me. A bunch of us was discussing how it didn’t feel like Christmas this year. It came so fast and then it was over. Still, I had a really nice holiday, celebrating with my family and cousins I rarely see.

    Wishing you much happiness in your new home.


  4. good luck in your new house 2012!


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