NaNoWriMo2011 – Day 26

Title of novel: Let It Burn

Word count till date: 43,547

Julia finds out that Will is the witness to Paulie’s case. She had a dinner party with Bruno, Martha and Martha’s new beau, Ronan, who is ten years younger.

Joyce comes home to find her apartment ransacked. Some papers on the floor indicate what it might be in relation to. She leaves for Manchester immediately to stay with her mum.


Only 4 days and 6,500 words to go!

Remember, ‘like’ up to 10 of these daily novel updates to enter my blog contest. See details here. Good luck !


  1. This is the point where you start inserting all kinds of gratuitous adverbs to get your word count up to 50,000. ROFL. You’re almost there.


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