Crossing the Halfway mark: NaNoWriMo2011 Day 14 & Day 15

Title of novel: Let It Burn

Word count till date: 25,093

Julia discovers Joyce and Paulie are together and her friendship with Joyce seems to be over. Julia finally confides in her sister, Sandra. Work at La Belle proves a little difficult so Julia seeks help from Bruno who agrees to help and subsequently resigns from BestMe.

Frank gives Julia an ultimatum to either marry him or end their relationship. Julia turns down his proposal.

Felicia awaits the results of a mammogram and she fears the worst.

After holding back for many months, Julia decides to begin an online conversation with Paulie (via Yahoo Messenger) without Joyce’s knowledge.



I wrote my butt off to cross the halfway mark. Much of it probably doesn’t make sense but I’m proud I’ve got over 25,000 words down. Funny how this book seems to be writing itself!


Remember, ‘like’ up to 10 of these daily novel updates to enter my blog contest. See details here. Good luck !


  1. Good work! I’m so impressed. I planned to do this but I got sidetracked at the beginning and will have to make up my own novel writing month. *sigh*


  2. I’m buried in emails, trying to dig myself out, but just wanted to pop in and wish you well.



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