NaNoWriMo – Day 10 (and poll to choose character names!)


Title of novel: Let it burn

Word count: 15,232

Julia leaves her send-off party and is followed by Bruno. He kisses her unexpectedly, giving Julia a lot to think about.

*So, I’m rubbish at character names. My main characters are:

Julia Laurent– main character

Felicia Laurent– Julia’s mum

Sandra– Julia’s sister (she is married so should really have another surname that is not ‘Laurent’)

Martha Loh (Korean)- Is Loh a Korean name? I dunno know! But she is a staff at BestMe, working for Julia.

Samuel Hopkins– Julia’s colleague. She hates him – got the VP Europe role instead of Julia.

Frank– Julia’s boyfriend. Doesn’t have a surname yet.

Paulie Monde– Julia’s old flame (Monde is a Nigerian name so I’ll leave it there).

Joyce Jegede– Julia’s best friend (Again Jegede is a Nigerian name…)

Bruno– Julia’s colleague. He was supposed to be a minor character but he has gone and kissed Julia now so not sure what to make of him. He appears to want a ‘starring role’ so watch this space. No surname yet so have to fix that!

Buky– Julia’s nemesis at La Belle who got the job Julia wanted. No surname again.

Denise Holland– Boss at La Belle. Good-looking lady. I always think of Dutch women when I think of Caucasian beauties hence the ‘Holland’ :-).

Gregory Jones, Yasmine O’Sullivan, Robert Nelson– Bosses at BestMe. Not sure how important they are yet but the names came easily to me.

Marc– Paulie’s boss at Skyline Financials…. No surname.

So. I need some help. Please select 3 options in the poll below, then in the comments match them to each of the following characters:

  1. Frank
  2. Bruno
  3. Sandra

I have to like all the options so one person will win. There is no real prize but if I get published, I promise to put you in the credits :-)! It ends next Wednesday. Let’s have fun!


  1. Hey, thanks for the pingback.
    I personally don’t think that your character names are that bad, plus you can always go and clean that up in December!


  2. Frank Trueman…he is her “true” man
    Where did you ever get the name Bruno??? Bruno Simpson
    Sandra Masterson


  3. And here I was thinking Paulie was an Italian gangster. 😉

    Frank Trueman…he thinks he’s her “true” man, but he’s not.
    Bruno Rodrigues
    Sandra Masterson

    Huh, pretty funny that The Savvy Sister and I matched on 2 out of 3.



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