NaNoWriMo2011 – Day 5 & Day 6

Title of novel: Let It Burn

Word count till date: 7,885

Friction within Julia’s team is exposed.The campaigns are a success but Julia does not get the credit she hoped she would. She leaves office early to seek consolation from her best friend, Joyce who is a lawyer at City Lawyers a mile away from Julia’s office.

NaNoToons - 05Nov

Julia receives an unexpected email offering her a high-profile job at La Belle. Then Julia’s boss, Gregory requests a meeting. Will Julia need to choose between BestMe and La Belle? Julia has a recurring dream.

NaNoToons - 06Nov

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  1. Applause! You’re doing so well. Hope you get published!


  2. Keep it up, Kemi. You’re doing great.


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