A look back at a year of blogging

I can’t believe I made it to the end of the first year. It’s been challenging. It’s been fulfilling. It’s been exhausting. It’s been amazing. I won’t bug you with what my stats are or how many comments I got this past year. Just know that it’s exceeded my expectations by far. To make the end of my first blogging year (06 Nov 2010 – 05 Nov 2011), I have identified some of my most significant posts. Enjoy!

1. Most Beautiful Post . . .  To the Boy I love

2. Most Controversial Post . . .  The Friendship Grid by Moi

3. Most Helpful Post . . .  Tips for the Confused Jobist

4. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me . . . Footwear, my toe and other people’s thoughts

5. A post that didn’t get the attention that I felt it deserved . . .  Make me, Break me

6. Cheekiest posts… (1) Save the brain-insects with your email etiquette & (2) The secret codes of restrooms

7. Posts I’m most proud of . . . (1) Arguably the right side of 30 & (2) The luxury of being average

I’m looking forward to the next year :-). Thank you all for reading.

PS. Remember to follow my progress on NaNoWriMo till 30th November and automatically be entered for a prize draw. Prizes are 2 Kohl gift certificates, 2 Amazon gift certificates and 1 iTunes gift card. See instructions here.


  1. I remember very well:
    good luck for 2012!


  2. Congrats, Kemi. Here’s to another year.


  3. Great idea, to look back over the year…Congratulations!


  4. Congratulations Kemi. You have been so consistent and your posts are always captivating. You really are an inspiration to me!
    I really loved To the boy I love:it inspired me! The friendship grid reminded me of the many different types of friends we all have. The secret codes of restroooms was really intriguing and had an edge of humour. The luxury of average was thought-provoking. Wishing you many more fun blogging years. Bogging is really fun, isn’t it?


  5. Happy anniversary! Great list of past posts!


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