4 things I wish WordPress could do for me

There have been several cool features added to WordPress. These include the ‘related article’ and ‘just write’ feature, the ability to send drafts to people and much more. I particularly enjoy my WordPress app. It’s very cool as it enables me type posts on-the-go as well as taking pictures with my iPhone that can be uploaded immediately. Asking for more is perhaps too much to ask but I want more. There are a few things that could UP this technology and frankly, I think it’s not too much to ask for WordPress to:

ONE. Add a feature that allows me to nominate other bloggers’ posts for ‘freshly pressed’. Don’t get me started about the randomness of the current selection process. The Apple website for instance allows users to mark answers/posts as ‘helpful’ or ‘correct’. A similar thing could work here.

On Apple's website, users identify useful posts

How the posts are scored

TWO. Link building is a big plus on the web. So just as I can hyperlink to one of my previous posts with the list provided, I should also see posts that I have ‘liked’ and be able to link back to those too. This feature will make link building seamless and thus easier to do. At the moment, I have to copy and paste links into the window below.

Dear WordPress, I want to see posts I've 'liked' in this window.

THREE. Importing Word documents seems like a no-brainer but I can’t do it on WordPress. Yes, I can copy and paste (Honestly, I’m surprised no one has invented something that replaces cut/copy-paste) but it would be neater to just import the file. Also, I seem to lose all my formatting i.e. paragraphs and fonts when I paste from Word or Pages. Am I missing a trick? I would like to import directly without losing my format.

FOUR. This brings me to my beloved WordPress app. Although I can create a post on my phone, it would be even more impressive if I could export (or send) it as an email such that I can further edit it when I’m in front of a PC. Posts I create on my phone cannot be seen when I logon my desktop because these are saved as ‘local’ posts.

My blogging experience so far has been amazing. I just want more. Always.

Yours sincerely,

The Task Mistress


  1. All are very good ideas especially #1 and #3. WPressers should decide on who is FP instead of anonymous WP employees. And I spent hours trying to re-format content from a Word doc. I nearly lost my noodle. Great post.


  2. I hate how everything changes one day to the next without warning. Just when I am finally able to find out how to read my subscriptions, it changed. Again.


  3. I really hope WordPress reads this! Especially the freshly pressed comment! Some of them are just (sorry to say) not FP worthy


  4. Some great requests! especially #1. Like The Savvy Sister said, I’ve come across some blogs that I don’t think were FP worthy either, but hey… to each their own. Then again it’s not fair to people like you and other great writers who, in my opinion, should’ve been on the FP honor roll since day 1.
    I hope WP reads this!:-)
    You’re Freshly Pressed in my book 🙂


  5. I love 1 and 2!


  6. Add a feature that allows me to nominate other bloggers’ posts for ‘freshly pressed’. …
    frizz-comment: good, democratic idea!


  7. I don’t use the WordPress app.. I had to become un-addicted to the blog lol. But I agree with your suggestions.. especially the first one. There picks, sometimes, aren’t the best. I’ve seen people with far better post.


    • Yeah well, I guess it’s just easier if used their judgement to pick posts. Getting readers in on it would be even better! Thanks for stopping by, Kay. 🙂


  8. I’d like to be able to move comments easily. If I want to make a page into a post, or vice versa, there is no easy way to have the comments move with it.


  9. A very neat idea!



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