A day in the life of a task mistress

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I have had a rather gruelling couple of weeks. As you know, I started a new role this month, which meant that I was in London at the start of the month. The flight to London from Aberdeen where I live is an hour and a bit but it’s still exhausting. It’s even worse when I have to catch the ‘red eye’ – waking up at 4.30am to catch a 6am flight is NOT fun. Anyway, I thought it’d be interesting to give you a sneak peek into how my days normally run. I was in London on Monday and Tuesday this week…

11 Sept, 11.15pm

packing my travel bag. notebook – check. cosmetics – check. change of clothes – check. laptop and charger – check. I try as much as possible not to have any hold luggage so it makes packing extra tricky.

12 Sept, 4.30am

Alarm goes off. Switch it off and go back to bed!

12 Sept, 4.47am

Wake up suddenly in a panic thinking, ‘Oh God, I’ve missed my flight!!!’ Look at clock – PHEW!, I’m fine.

Showered and ready. Wake hubby and say good-bye. Off to the airport.

12 Sept, 9am

Arrive at London office. Check emails and work on presentations and proposals. Meetings all day.

12 Sept, 6.25pm

In no hurry to go back to empty hotel room but leave reluctantly. Discover I forgot my toothbrush – buy one on my way to the hotel.

13 Sept, 8am

Check out of hotel and catch Heathrow Express train from Paddington Station.

13 Sept, 10.45am

Arrive home and go to the office.

13 Sept, 5pm

Leave office to pick up kids, who are happy to see me :).

13 Sept, 9pm

Everyone’s in bed. I relax with a cup of tea. There’s some knitting to be done. I try to get a few stocking stitches done before my bedtime.


  1. hmm sounds very interesting. i know you miss your family alot. As you go on may God protect you always. take care.


  2. Hard work makes the weekend great though, huh? Hope the job is going well.


  3. “Eight Days A Week” – as the BEATLES sang … – a torture?


  4. Wow! And I thought my life was tough…… Remind me never to moan about taking the 6.55 from Cardiff to London Paddington. I hope the transition has not been too painful? Miss you loads and will catch up this weekend.xx


  5. Oh I know how it feels to commute that long. I had to do that when I was in school. So I definitely understand but I think you will get into a groove after awhile 🙂


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