3 strange things about me

It’s fair to say that the definition of abnormal is something that is “not normal”. There are 3 things about me that I think are relatively unusual. One is physiological and the others are…well, mental.

1. I have a tiny hole  along my spinal cord. A classmate of mine first noticed it back in 1995. I don’t know where it came from – it doesn’t hurt – and it’s still there. A pin can go right through…. I should probably have it looked at, right?

2. I remember almost everyone I’ve ever met. The name may be gone but not the face. So I find myself  saying, ‘I’ve met you before…’ quite often. My brain works like a catalogue and flips through likely locations of encounter. I get it right 4 out of 5 times. It used to bother me because most times, the person doesn’t remember at all. It’s more frightening for my victim when I say, ‘you work at the council office, right?’ or ‘how’s your daughter doing now?’ or ‘how did that house improvement project go?’ What can I say? I remember stuff like that.

3. I sometimes smile when I’m very angry. Somebody makes a condescending or sarcastic comment and I play ignorant, like I have no idea what is being insinuated. Then I imagine that a fierce wind is blowing the person away or that their head explodes. A smile emerges on my face and my victim thinks I’m stupid or oblivious. Little do they know that they’re dead to me…

Who out there is stranger than me?


  1. C’mon, Kemi…there’s only 3?
    #1 has me intrigued…can’t imagine what that is.
    #2 says you are in the right feild: business, but you should be in sales. Good memories for faces are always good sales people
    #3 classic…love it


  2. I sometimes smile when I’m very angry… you added a nice story 🙂


  3. One of my many weird things is that I ‘always’ notice when someone has their hair done; cut; washed; coloured; styled – anything.

    I am quite worried about it actually; I am far too observant about hair!

    Another was my ability to remember, for years, the details if a conversation – verbatim! Annoyed the hell out of people with that one :D.


  4. Oh, I really like #3. I’m going to have to try that.


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