Wish me luck as I cross over…

On Sept 1st, I start a new role at work. I admit that I’m nervous, mainly because I’m leaving a group of people who I have known and worked with for over 5 years. I now join the headquarters team who have a slightly different culture and group dynamics. My current team knows my ability but I have to prove it all over again. It’s a great opportunity that I’m very grateful for and SUPER excited about. These tips written by Dawn Barclay will come in handy:

1. You can prepare yourself mentally of how you want to be in your new role…you can think about your attitude, image, and communication skills. Yet you obviously can’t prepare others.
2. Be who you are. You were hired on the value you can bring.
3. If you were to start a new role ‘pretending’ (because you want people to like and love you) you will probably not be able to maintain that behaviour very long.
4. Read and understand more on social groups, the way groups form and social roles.
5. Time – even a new member of staff starting work (to the existing staff) is CHANGE and not a lot of people like change. It’s not personal.
6. You are ‘fresh’ remember, like a new-born baby you are not clouded or have any preconceived notions or ideas. So allow time to get to know everyone, make up your own mind instead of listening to the ‘this is what they are like’ stories from other people.
7. Being the newbie – just because the label is on you, it doesn’t mean to say you have to ‘shut up and go along with everything’ and it doesn’t mean you don’t have to say anything at all.
8. Praise yourself – this may seem a little wacko, but here’s what I mean. You may be a person that needs to ‘hear’ you are doing a good job – you need it. However, you may not get it in your new workplace. I’m not saying you need all the compliments under the sun, you just need to know if what you are doing is the right thing. Your new workplace might not be like that…one of unspoken ‘rules’ of the group might be ‘we just get on with it’. Learn how to compliment yourself – don’t wait for the external world to tell you.
9. If you are nervous, it will pass. As you entering a new situation you may feel uncomfortable I mean it’s not just a new job it’s: new people, policies, environment, politics, community – go with the flow. A good team will help with your transition (and yes there may be the odd bugger who does nothing to help you ) each moment will be come easier.
10. Ask for support and supervision. What if they don’t offer it? Suggest it?. In fact (it’s probably too late), it’s a very good interview question. Work is a place for forming friendships and long-lasting relationships (most couples meet through a working environment) yet at the end of the day it is work…you don’t have to sell your soul and divulge your deepest darkest secrets (you do that with friends).

Dawn Barclay is the owner of Potential Developments and publishes her newsletter for individuals seeking tools, resources and support to develop and realise their personal and professional potential. You can visit the main Potential Development site at:

Wish me luck, everyone!


  1. Good luck!!


  2. very kind advices – a good welcome!


  3. Those tips sound like great advice – but I’m sure your own gratitude and excitement will smooth over a lot of the jitters!


  4. Those tips are great. Good luck and well done on the new job. You’ll be fine, I’m sure. Looking forward to new job blog stories ( but you better disguise them real well 🙂 ).


  5. Hope the new role is going well – congratulations.



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