Tips for the confused jobist

It’s taken ages to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I read engineering at school but never quite fit in. At the same time, I never really knew what I wanted to do instead. When people asked me, ‘So what do you want to do?’,  it was always answered with a silly, confused expression.

But that’s changed in the past year. After starting my MBA (something I knew I wanted to do), I continuously made mental notes of areas that I found particularly interesting. Then I went off and did my research, which was something like:

  1. Identify area of interest e.g. marketing, web design, personnel management e.t.c.
  2. Act as a job seeker and SEARCH for roles in that area (the internet, job boards and social networking sites like LinkedIn are great for this).
  3. Take note of the JOB DESCRIPTION (what you’d be expected to do and be responsible for) Is it still of interest? If yes,
  4. Note the SKILLS employers expect from a potential candidate. Do you have them? If no, what can you do to get them? Can you get it in your current role? Should you consider personal development e.g. self-study, taught courses or perhaps a new role that provides such skills?
  5. Consider SALARY expectations. Is it what you thought it was? Is it reasonable such that you can live comfortably on it?
  6. And finally, give yourself a timeline. How long will it take you to get where you want to go? 6 months, 5 years?

Note that it’s okay to take a temporary hit on salary if  long-term, the role provides skills that will get you to the ‘Promise Land’. Money isn’t everything… And remember you are not applying for the roles now. You are just  discovering what opportunities are out there and subsequently setting out a personal plan to be the perfect candidate for the role in X numbers of years.

Now I have a good idea where I want to go and roughly how to get there. It’s made me happier and more confident. And it’s wiped that silly, confused look off my face :).


  1. Nice layout. This is a great place for confused minds to start building a future!


  2. Excellent news (about finding your way and having a plan) and an excellent list of tips, too.

    I like how you position yourself as the job searcher, in order to help you make a decision AND how you map out how to get there. So many people just start with the end goal and forget to consider how to make that happen.

    Good luck.


  3. Kemi, I thought this was a wonderful post. Really great tips. Good luck to you on the journey.


  4. Good idea, Kemi. Good planning. Nice one.


  5. Really wonderful tips, i am currently on the same journey these should come in handy…


  6. My husband took a lower paid job to move into a field he really wanted to work in. He eventually had his own successful business. It is definitely worth taking the risk if your heart is elsewhere.


  7. It’s always an “ah ha” moment when you figure out what your purpose is or which path to take to better yourself. Your post are always motivating.


  8. 5 years? I don’t have that time, I think. I’ll realize faster what is important to do …


  9. So glad I read this! A friend has asked me to help write their life-plan and I think your blog (plagiarism coming) will make for an excellent section on career planning.




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