Why I’ve never been Freshly Pressed.


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What is Freshly Pressed?

Come on. You knew I was going to write about this sooner or later.But don’t worry. I’ll try to be reasonable.

For those who don’t blog on WordPress, every day a handful of blog posts are selected and featured on the Freshly Pressed page. Selected posts are usually ones that are well-written (free of grammatical errors), have a catchy title and preferably have a picture in them. I suppose the post itself has to be interesting too but that’s just my guess.

My Wonder Months

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I try to aim high whenever possible. This means I’m very fairly competitive so winning stuff e.g. featuring on freshly pressed is something that would be nice to happen. But nine months in, it hasn’t. My first 10 posts or so were written with a certain “this may be freshly pressed” anxiety. I REALLY wanted to feature – as in on purpose. So when I wasn’t featured, I was convinced I was hopeless at blogging or that I wasn’t interesting enough. But I enjoy blogging. It’s my corner, my thoughts. To this end, I decided that I was just going to write without the added pressure of wanting to be freshly pressed. Hell, I may invent ‘Staley Pressed’ – as long as I feature in something. Hehe!

To put this in perspective, you must know that there are around half a million(500,000) or more new posts every day. If you followed the Freshly Pressed link in ‘What is Freshly Pressed?’, you’ll also find that just 10 or so posts are selected. Therefore, my chances are 1 to 50,000. Not a FAT chance, to be honest.

In good terms with being undiscovered

I’m not sure how but I have gradually come to terms with this. I doubt my grammar is great and I sometimes find spelling mistakes that make me gasp for air. But hey, I have a full-time job, a full-time husband and two full-time kids (both under 6 years old). I’m also a part-time student and a part-time a-bunch-of-other-things so I admit that I don’t check my grammar or spelling as thoroughly as I should. I probably have uninteresting post titles and guess what? I’m not one in a million. Or even one in half a million.

You know, I have a funny feeling that being Freshly Pressed comes with an acute anti-climax. I suspect it’ll be kinda like the time when someone I desperately wanted approval from finally said they were proud of me. Thousands come to your blog because you’ve been featured, there are hundreds of comments to read (and respond to) and you worry yourself sick about how to keep these readers coming back. I’m guessing a huge proportion don’t return.

Well, maybe I’ve talked myself out of the desire to be featured through this rationale. Who knows. But my posts are reasonably interesting if I do say so myself. I’m just (happily) undiscovered.


  1. You are doing a pretty good job! And you’ve got readers coming back! 😀 I’d say you are quite a success! 😉


  2. I don’t know you that well, but I have a feeling that you would aim high even if there were no “freshly pressed”.
    I honestly don’t know how they pick those, because I have read some that DO have mistakes, and some that were downright boring. I think they just spin some sort of cyber wheel and choose one at random.

    I would choose your blog in a heartbeat!

    Besides who needs those freshly pressed snobs 🙂


    • Aww! Thanks, Sister!
      Like you, I’ve seen freshly pressed stuff with mistakes AND with no pictures at all (which was surprising). Anyway, I’m glad I have you ;).


  3. Haha, this is what I was secretly thinking when I first started blogging, too! And the other day someone’s review of “Cowboys and Aliens” was featured on Freshly Pressed, and I thought, hey, I have posted several movie reviews and none of MINE were featured on F.P.! Oh well, as you said, the odds are not “FAT”, right?

    I’ve found a few blogs I like through F.P. (not yours, I guess, which surprises me, because I would have been sure you had been featured in F.P.), but most of F.P. is, frankly, very lightweight and not of much interest. I’m sure one of your posts soon will be featured on F.P. You write very well, I don’t remember seeing any grammatical errors in your posts, and your thoughts are interesting. Wait and see! Anyway, I’ll keep coming around to read your posts even if you never make F.P.


    • Hey, Julee! Thanks :). I’m relieved that I’m not the only one that was secretly lusting after freshly pressed ;). But as you say maybe one day… Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask: Did you ever see Black Swan? I really want to know what you thought. I heard it was scary so I sheepishly watched a quarter of it without the volume. It was so interesting, I caved in and turned it up. I didn’t understand what was real and want wasn’t. What did you make of the bizarre nature of the whole movie??


      • I reviewed Black Swan on my blog!! Here’s a link: http://juleecm1.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/black-swan/

        It was a bit bizarre. My husband went to see it with me and he liked it, surprisingly. I mention what he said about it in the review. I personally liked the movie, but I was a singer and into acting on stage and I know about the intensity of that world. Obviously she lost it, but a lot of the dedication and intensity and even paranoia rang true to me.


  4. I discovered you some months ago, subscribed to your well written blog – you are freshly pressed into my mind again: today!


    • Frizz, you are always so kind ;). Your blog is sooooo cool and original. Freshly Pressed King.
      Thanks for stopping by, my loyal friend :).


  5. You know, I’ve always wondered why I was never Freshly Pressed either. I always thought I had original enough material but sometimes it comes down to the luck. I don’t worry about it anymore because my aim is to always feature wonderful content and meet new blog people which I have done and continue to you. Your blog is another great blog, and being featured should never stop you from continuing your wonderful post.


    • I’m surprised you’ve never been F.Ped. You are original and interesting. Anyway, I’m tkaing your advice. I’m blogging all the way as not being F.P doesn’t bother at all.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  6. OK, I’ll be honest, I don’t really get the Freshly Pressed thing. I use WordPress and have often wondered if I have to press something to put my post forward for FP or do they randomly choose from ALL posts posted each day?
    I don’t press anything – could that be the reason I’m not being pressed?


    • Nope, there’s no button you have to press. It’s down to luck, I’m afraid. I think it’s random, although I think very catchy blog titles are a real bonus. I think you should just keep on being the beautiful blogger that you are :). Nevermind FP – if it comes, it comes. Thanks for stopping by, Sarsm.


  7. I understand! I stopped worrying about being Freshly Pressed when I stopped reading the entries and focused on the great blogs (like yours) that I had found on my own. For the most part, I have been more satisfied with the blogs I sort of found by just following commenters around and surfing through blog titles in the “postaday” or “postaweek” listings.


    • Hear, hear! That’s how I found blogs too. Infact, I found that FP blogs hardly ever visit blogs of their commenters or subscribers, which I found a little annoying. Maybe they have their hands are full – I wouldn’t know ;). Thanks for stopping by, Patti!


  8. Just found you, and not through “not being featured on FP”:), love this post, will look a round a little bit.!


  9. This post generated some buzz. That’s cool. I obsess on the Freshly Pressed business too. I think they pick to worst blogs sometimes. I’ve never subscribed to a blog on Freshly Pressed and I think it may be out of principle. You’ve got a great blog!


  10. Its funny, I have seen the same blogs over and over – some 3 or 4 times in the last 10 months, get featured for FP. i am convinced there is a cool kids table and i am sitting on the wrong side of the junior high lunchroom. I don’t get it. Some of the blogs featured aren’t even that good, and some don’t even have real photos, and you just see the blogs header. IDK< but personally, i'd rather read grammatically marginal blogs with interesting CONTENT than perfect fluff blogs that are 500 words or less!


  11. There is one good thing about wordpress and that’s not “freshly pressed”. It’s the related articles feature, fortunately for us, it is a good way to discover nice blogs like yours. I don’t care for grammar (English is not my native) and I don’t care for nice pictures and catchy titles as long as I write what I want to write. I’m sure you’ve got readers coming back.


    • Absolutely! I recently started using the related article feature much more and I’ve found some like-minded fantastic blogs. Great of you to stop by! Thanks!


  12. Thanks for this… I’ve been trying hard too, and am always sad when a post I feel is well written and informative doesn’t seem to make it…


    • I totally get that, and I’ve been there – sometimes I’m still there. But continue to aim high :-). Thanks for your honest comment. I’ll stop by your blog!


  13. I’ve been blogging for two years, and never been Freshly Pressed. I wrote a post about it (http://gogreygirl.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/so-youve-never-been-freshly-pressed/) and to be honest, I no longer look at the Freshly Pressed page. Most of what gets Freshly Pressed isn’t any more interesting to me than I am to them!
    You have the right attitude, so just keep on blogging!


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