Grunt! Hiss! Grunt! Hurray! What’s this about?

I bet you never thought I’d ask for a blogging break.  I’ve written at least one post every week since November 2010 so it’d be unthinkable that I’d stop now, when I’m on a roll. Well, that’s what I’m doing. I have a 10,000-word paper submit by end June and between everything else I have to tend to; I’ve decided blogging will be on break this June. This is the only post I’ll write this month. It’s brutal, huh? Tell me about it!

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I’ll be beside myself. I will complain, I will scrabble potential posts on napkins and auxiliary notepad files but I’ll try my hardest not to post it. I think the break will be good as it’ll give me time to come up with new fresh ideas that could make me a better writer. Maybe just wishful thinking and an after-thought excuse – but in any event, I have to gather myself together and write a plausible paper, which I want to get a good grade on. I have also been under pressure to attend to other aspects of my life e.g. exercising more, more voluntary work and just sitting around doing nothing got a lot of votes from my family and friends. Well, I hope to find a balance along the way. Please wish me luck and catch you in July.

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