Bonus post- My top 3 posts- Jan to Apr 2011

Postaweek2011 isn't only for the swift - you can start today! Credit: Free photos from

Erica Johnson of WordPress has thrown a post topic out there and I couldn’t resistant engaging. I’m now 33% through the year and through the Postaweek2011 challenge. I have written over 30 posts and received in excess of 3,000 hits this year alone. I’m very proud of WordPress bloggers. Success here, I think, is not hedged on who writes the best posts but on a supportive community who get to know and encourage each other to overcome blogging challenges. So after a laborious few minutes, I’ve narrowed down which posts I think are my best ones this year. It’s based on:

  • Number of comments and/or likes;
  • My personal favorites.

Unsurprisingly, these criterion were conflicting.

Post 1: Footwear, My toe and other people’s thoughts

Post 2: Another personal reflection completed…but not quite there

Post 3: Invasion of extreme sports (I am the Resistance)

The following posts are special to me because they make me smile 🙂 :

Here’s to the next 67% of the year. Cheers!


  1. I’m really happy for you. Your blog has been doing so well! My top 3 are Footwear…, Invasion of extreme sports and save the brain…. (in no particular order)


  2. LOVED the footwear post. Congrats on the progress of your blog!


  3. I’m proud to say: I missed none of your articles, mentioned above.
    my personal favorite:


  4. My favourite is also the footwear post! Love the way you write! And I hope you’d keep on rocking the blogging realm! 🙂


  5. I enjoyed some of your favorites and made some comments, so you have even more comments on your entries!


  6. Go girl go! Your dedication is inspiring and your posts are thought provoking.



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