This Theme Thingy….

I need your help, people. I’d like to kick into summer with a new blog theme but I’m at a cross-roads. I love the green effect of Rounded but the dark background of ChaoticSoul is enticing! And Regulus is gorgeous too. My current theme, Freshy is great…as long as there is none better out there. Please browse through WordPress themes and help by voting below:

Disclaimer: This is not part of my postaweek2011 nor is it a bonus post. A real post is looming ;). Thank you!


  1. I think in the end you have to go with what works best for you and your purposes. The first theme I picked, because I liked the colors and picture on it, was all wrong in regards to how it presented the actual posts and side widgets. Both themes I have used work well with pictures, the color making them stand out. You have to go with your gut on this one.


    • Hi- yeah, it’s up to me in the end. I wanted to pick brains. I should be true to my persona and overall blog theme. Choosing a new theme is fun though- we’ll see :). K


  2. Shopping for themes is hard but so much fun! I just revamped my entire blog because I feel in love with the new Linen theme that just came out. As for your theme choices, I’m torn between Rounded and Chaotic Soul! I think I will vote for Rounded just because I’m a big fan of the brown and green combination though I wonder if you’re able to change the colors?


    • Hmmm, your Linen theme is so gorgeous! I previewed my blog on that theme but it didn’t look so hot. Maybe I need to twick a few things here and there….

      I can’t change the colour of Rounded .I’ve eliminated ChaoticSoul because I’ve gotten fond of lighter backgrounds- I think it’s easier on the eyes. Sigh, we’ll see. Decisions, decisions :). I love that you stopped by! K


  3. I sometimes shop the themes too but I find it very difficult to change since everything looks so different when previewed. I’ll probably try a revamp in the summer when I have time to trawl them all. Good luck with your choice. The theme you choose is also about you and what you like. 🙂


  4. I am in the same dilemma as you, as I want to change my theme for the summer. Since I love 2 themes (including the one I have), I’m just giving myself time. While I give myself time, more themes are being introduced. You’ll know which theme to go with when you’re ready.


    • I’ve done it! I’ll be checking back at your blog to see what you decide. It’s lovely now… I can’t imagine what more you can do. Thanks for stopping by :)!


  5. It’s tough to build a cyber-home, isn’t it? Good luck!


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